Andrew J. Molzahn QPA, ERPA

Vice-President of Operations


As Vice-President of Operations for Edberg & Perry, Inc., Andy is responsible for overseeing the plan consulting and administrative staff, ensuring all client deadlines are met, and managing the day-to-day interactions with clients, advisors, and service providers. Andy's extensive experience in administering all types of retirement plans enables him to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction for each of our clients.

Andy has worked closely with some of the best actuaries in Arizona and is thoroughly versed in the mechanics of defined benefit and cash balance plans. His consulting experience ensures clients using these types of plans receive the best possible retirement plan to meet their needs.

He is an Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent (ERPA) enrolled to practice befor the IRS to represent clients in audits and other matters. Andy also holds the QPA and AFA credentials from ASPPA and the NPSG, respectively.

Andy has over 13 years’ experience with all facets of retirement plan design, implementation, and administration. His leadership style fosters a collaborative, team-oriented approach dedicated to providing quality services and great customer care.