Design & Consulting

At Edberg Perry, we recognize that we are the plan design experts for our clients. As such, we work closely with you to identify various plan designs that work best for you and your employees. We are open and honest on the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision. Discussions with your financial advisor and CPA are an integral part of the plan design process to ensure the plan—as a whole—works from an administrative perspective, an investment perspective, and a tax perspective.

While we work closely with each client in the initial installation phase to ensure the plan meets their needs, over time, needs change. Whether from internal factors within the company or external factors such as the economy or government regulation, plan design needs to stay relevant. At Edberg Perry, we work with our clients to keep them informed of external factors that may influence a retirement plan. We provide topic specific newsletters written by our staff with the information relevant to our clients. We also review plan design at the time plan documents are required to be refiled with the IRS to ensure that the plan is in compliance with ever changing regulations. We also offer a periodic review of the plan design and provisions for all our clients.